SHOOTING SPREE: Who Was Steven Vogel?

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The area around Des Moines gunman's home is still a crimes scene, Thursday.

It has been over 24-hours since Steven Vogel went on a 20 minute shooting spree taking target at passing cars and the responding police. Vogel was killed by a police officer when they returned fire.

As police used a metal detector to search for shell casings, neighbors tried getting their lives back to normal.

Although there is calm, there is little clarity. Like the rest of the city, neighbors are wondering who was Steven Vogel?

“Actually, I think he was a very dedicated father.” Henneh Trebec lived three doors away for the last eleven years.  Her kids spent time there, playing with his.

“I know that he got custody of them and I know that he built a privacy fence, put a trampoline up, I think they even have a jungle gym. I think he was a very dedicated father,” Trebec says.

She says Vogel had two large parrots, a workshop full of tools and, as she learned Wednesday, an assault rifle.

“He knows my background; he knew I was a police officer in East Germany, so in a way he probably should have mentioned it to me if he would have had guns there,” Trebec says.

shootingOther neighbors say they did know that Vogel had them.

“I knew he might go in his back yard and shoot a gun or something but never something like this,” one neighbor adds.

So, for 11 years, all Trebec knew was a regular guy but in the last 24 hours, she and other neighbors have learned much more.

Henneh Trebec says that she listened to the gunfire from the safety of her basement. She said that one of Vogel's rounds knocked off a tree branch next to her house.

Because of that, Des Moines police have taped off most of her yard.  It's now part of the large crime scene there on Creston Avenue.


  • scott

    i highly doubt it was an “assault rifle”. it is very difficult for citizens to own a fully automatic rifle. you need to get your terminology correct.

  • Steve Roseman

    Sounds more like he had an assault mentality. If I purposely run someone down with my vehicle does it become an assault vehicle? Media needs to dramatize the story. Thankfully nobody but the gunman was injured or killed.

  • RobGR

    So he wanted suicide by cop. Any other reason given as an explanation for his actions?

    Glad no officers where harmed or neighbors and sad that a caring father died in such a manner or decided there was no other way as it is obvious he had no one he could talk to about his mental situation.

    And before people get on here blaming guns, an inanimate object, please remember that the worst school massacre in US history was committed in 1927 by a school board treasurer when he planted bombs under the school, the Bath School Massacre. It is not the bombs that made him do it, it was not an “assault” rifle, it was his mindset. I know it’s hard to blame something we cannot control, but that is simply the truth. We will never be able to stop stupid or crazy, it is part of the human animal.

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