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ERIN OFF CAMERA: Bah Humbug? Hardly!!!

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I’ve been catching some grief from people around here lately.

It’s all about my attitude toward Christmas.

It’s funny, because I love Christmas and all I’ve said (repeatedly) is that I’m disgusted with the commercialization of the holiday and this year I will not buy, nor will I accept any gifts.

You may have picked up on a hint of this attitude in my last blog about gratitude.

I’ve given lip service to this before, but to be honest – I always cave.  Every year I run around like a chicken with my head cut off at the last possible minute, buying and wrapping junk no one really wants and that they definitely don’t need.  I know everyone else is doing this, too.  Well, maybe not the last-minute thing but definitely the buying gifts thing.

The thing is – I really love buying presents.  I love thinking about the person and what they would like and I really love watching the person open the gift.  That’s the best.  So it’s not that I’m anti-presents.  I’m just tired of Christmas being turned into this stressful, jam-packed, gluttonous, debt inducing craziness that it doesn’t need to be.

A number of people have asked me what I want for Christmas.  My answer is simple.  Time.  I want time to spend with the people I love and truly enjoy.  I want time to be peaceful and think about what this season really means to me. I want time to do things that really matter.

There are several quotes about time attributed to Benjamin Franklin but the one I’ve been thinking about lately is basically summed up this way… you can never get time back once it’s passed.  Once it’s wasted running around the mall or waiting in line or working extra hours so you can pay off the credit card bills you can never get it back.

This year I choose to spend it differently.

Merry Christmas.  I hope this year is everything you want it to be.


  • norm miller

    Erin, I with you on this. I really use to love Christmas, not anymore. Christmas seem to start in September instead of December, meaning… Christmas trees are up with all the decorations, then the commercials start in October. Really… Then don’t forget the Christmas in July sales… In the summer!!!
    I loathe seeing Christmas commercials in Octoberer when it the month of Halloween also November is Thanksgiving is completely over looked because of Christmas.
    As for gifts I go about broke since I have four children. These days people are telling children and teens,”if your parents really love, they will buy and buy to keep you happy and show their love”. Who came up with that! Grrr…
    I agree with you. We are not the Grinch, just we do know the true meaning of Christmas.
    Have a great day/night
    Norma- ( I go by Norm due to my goofy and fun personality )

  • Alicia Adams

    Yeah, what a tragedy that I’ll be working more hours this Christmas. It’s a real shame that the dreaded “commercialization of Christmas” has allowed my boss to pay me and my husband a little extra, so that I can get a college education.

    I’m as tired of people bemoaning the commercialization of Christmas as you are of buying gifts.

  • Norman Sappenfield

    I agree with you …I’m 75 ..back when we were growing up we never started any thing for Christmas until after Thanksgiving….today it is nothing but GREED…..all they want is Money…Money………bring back the olden days when Christmas really meant something more than Greed…….and what Christmas really means……..

  • Tim

    Good for you Erin, I was just noticing that I’m starting to hate the holiday I once loved the most, Thanksgiving. And the reason is simple, what was once the least commercial holiday, is now becoming the holiday that has the worst of Christmas in it, now with ‘Black Thursday’.

    I do still love Christmas, once it arrives, but I hate all the garbage that comes before, now even on Thanksgiving day itself

    (I have always hated commercials sung to Christmas tunes, even as a kid)

    Thanks for speaking out on this issue – it needs a backlash

    • Tim

      (cont) put simply, a day of thanks is being turned into a day of wants, our nation’s most noble day being turned into it’s opposite

  • Dave Whitney

    If you cave again, buy local and logical.
    Sonya: Manicure
    Ed: Car detailing
    Dan: Gift card at Stylist
    Using coworkers here but friends/family…
    You get the picture….
    Services, not items.

  • Phil & Rhonda

    So well put Erin, from a close friend of Carla. She interduced my wife and I to you when she lived in your duplex.

  • Sheryl Jensen

    Very well said! I couldn’t agree with you more. I dropped out of the craziness last year (aside from giving $ to my grandsons, niece, and nephews) and truly enjoyed the holiday season. And I’m doing the same this year. Happy Holidays!!!

  • judith harlan

    Yes each year we get closer to no gifts. Now just a token gift wrapped and christmas decorations. I like the idea of time to be peaceful. I now have a wreath on my door and no shopping at all has been done. Enjoy your holidays!

  • J.D. Marcum

    My old Kentucky Pappy always told me, “you gotta jump ta land.” You’re not cavin’, you’re jumpin’ .

  • Kevin Cunningham

    I completely agree, Erin. It seems Christmas gets more and more commercial as my three kids get older. It seems like all these stores put up the Christmas stuff no sooner than the back-to-school sales are over.

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