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SHOTGUN SEASON: DNR Monitoring Deer For Disease

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Thousands of hunters are expected to participate in Iowa’s first shotgun deer season, which gets underway Saturday.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says it will continue its monitoring of Chronic Wasting Disease throughout the shotgun deer seasons. Positive tests have been found in captive herds in northeast Iowa and in Wapello, Davis, Pottawattamie, and Cerro Gordo counties.

The DNR works with hunters and meat processors to obtain samples from harvested Iowa deer for testing. Since 2002, 47,000 wild Iowa deer have been tested and there have been no cases of CWD found.

“We are hopeful CWD has not spread into Iowa’s deer herd. The only way to know this is to continue to collect samples and do the testing. We will work through all hunting seasons, with the peak being the shotgun seasons in December,” says Dr. Dale Garner, Wildlife Bureau Chief.

The first shotgun season runs from December 7th to 11th. The second season begins on December 14th and runs through the 22nd.