SURVEILLANCE VIDEO: Puppy Dragged By Scooter

Posted on: 11:50 am, December 6, 2013, by , updated on: 11:39am, December 6, 2013


A Quad Cities man faces criminal charges after police say he dragged his dog behind a motorized scooter.

Surveillance video caught the incident around midnight on Sunday.

A clerk called police after they found a trail of blood outside the 7-11 off Avenue of the Cities in Moline.

WQAD reports police later arrested 47-year-old Samuel May who allegedly said the four month old lab couldn’t keep up with him on the scooter.samuel may

The dog is in the care of the county animal shelter.

“It just makes you absolutely sick and angry, very angry. How can you do that to an innocent animal,” the shelter director Sam DeYoung said.

May is charged with animal cruelty.


  • larry says:

    Throw the book at him. Dog should never go back to him. He should never be allowed to own another pet… I was informed this morning he is an LPN. If so, how does he treat incapacitated patients? He even admitted the pup could not keep up with him. I am furious at this inhumane treatment of a puppy.

    • misscobblepot says:

      I agree 100% … horrible!!! How does someone do that to any animal let alone a wee baby pup?

  • don says:

    oh my god it brings tears to my eyes.

  • Let’s attach him to the back of a motorcycle and see if he can keep up for 20 miles or so, then see what he thinks about what he did.

  • Josh Bethune says:

    That guy should be dragged on a gravel road for 8 miles. Bet he is a child molestor as well. Usually people who abuse animals also are child chewers.

  • pam says:

    What an idiot! This guy should be dragged behind the scooter!

  • Anna says:

    lock him up and throw away the key and for God’s Sake find a good and decent home for the puppy.

  • Mrsmarkfb says:

    This guy is obviously not right in the head. That poor dog! I want her. If they return her to the owner, they’re condoning his behavior.

  • Maybe the law should tie his foot to the saddle of the horse & shoot their gun up in the air & let the horse drag him, like what these young cowboys did to Bruce Dern in John Wayne & the Cowboys!!

  • My rage won’t allow me to think clearly enough to comment.
    I agree with above comments that he probably is abusive to
    people as well. What a sick excuse… “the dog couldn’t keep up”
    Yeah, I would like to see some biker tie him to a big old HD and
    let him try to keep up. I doubt it would take 8 miles… more like 8
    blocks and he would be in worse shape than the puppy.
    Unless our judicial system doesn’t start treating these cases with
    strong measures we will continue to see this type of thing and
    even more abuse to children and other humans.

  • liv says:

    totally agree, put him on a trainers leash and drag him on uneven rough hilly surfaces behind a truck ………

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