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SNOW PLOWS: City Working To Clear The Streets

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The city of Des Moines has all of its plows out on the streets working to keep the roads clean.

This year, they're trying something a little different.

Crews are will be plowing residential streets during the snowfall in areas with schools and hills.  In earlier years, only the main roads and highways would be plowed while the snow was still falling.

Public works has its hands full with more than 200 miles of main streets in the city to clear. Crews started working to clear the roads at 5 a.m. on Sunday morning.

“Its going pretty well. This is a light snow, but nevertheless, we can move it," said Public Works Director Pat Kozitza,

"It's important that people understand that once we've plowed, those surfaces are slippery," Kozitza said.

"They need to slow down," Kozitza said.

Officials said they are keeping all available plows out on the roads until things get back to normal.