Friday Night Live Scoreboard — Football Scores from Across Iowa

SNOW PROBLEMS: Multiple Crashes On Slick Roads

The snow that blanketed roads overnight led to dozens of crashes across the state on Sunday.

One man said he counted the accidents he saw on his drive.

“Four, some of them were just in the ditch.  One of them involved a semi and a truck that was in the center,” said driver Kyle Hansen.

Emergency crews counted 20 vehicles involved in a crash that slowed down traffic along the I-80 and 35 near the East Mixmaster just before noon.  The interstate closed between 2nd Avenue and E 14th Street.

One driver said a mix of people were driving too fast while others slowed down so much that the combination was very dangerous.

“They either go too slow or too fast.  I did see an accident where a driver slid clear across the road,” said driver Linda Paulsen.

No injuries were reported from that accident.

Fortunately, no serious injuries were reported from what we found in Story County along I-35.  While driving, one vehicle was found smashed while another one ended up stuck in the ditch.


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