DYING PRISONER: Fetters Moved To Hospice

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An Iowa woman serving a life sentence in prison for a murder she committed when she was 14-years-old has been released on parole to hospice care.

Last week the Iowa Board of Parole agreed to release 33-year-old Kristina Fetters, who has inoperable Stage 4 breast cancer. Her family and friends had asked the board to allow Fetters to be released to die at home.

The board instead decided she could only go to hospice care. The board says if Fetters improves and no longer requires hospice care, her case will be reassessed.

Fetters was released from prison Tuesday morning and transferred to a West Des Moines hospice. She has been assigned a parole officer who will check in with hospice staff to monitor her condition.

Fetters was convicted in 1995 of killing her great aunt.


    • Janine

      Bahahaha!!!!! “heartless animals”! And what does that make you? An IDIOT! For taking the side of a brutal murderer over those who just think she should do the time she was sentenced, in a court of law to do!! And a very Merry Christmas to you, IDIOT!

      • Melanie Bieker (@Melanie_Marie__)

        Just happy she is in hospice. Honestly, her case was different. Most people think this will change the way future terminally ill inmates are handled. It won’t. I can see the argument for why she should stay in prison & it makes sense. But to hear people hoping she dies, it kinda shocks me to see people so cold. Yes, she committed a brutal murder, but to blind yourself to her age, the prior circumstances, the fact her family has moved past this & forgiven her, who are you to judge and pronounce sentence? Again, happy she is in hospice. Clearly the Parole Board knows more than you otherwise they wouldn’t have made the decision they made. Move on. In spite of your hate, she still is out, with her family & that is how it will stay. :)

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