FREEZING FANS: ISU Students Camp Out For Iowa Game

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Thursday night it’s Mac versus Mayor, part four.

The Iowa State and Iowa men’s basketball teams will do battle at Hilton Coliseum in Ames. It's the hottest ticket in town. Make that, in the state.

The game has been completely sold out for months. On StubHub, just 12 tickets are available, which shows those who have them, are not selling. Prices range from $167 to $278 per ticket. The higher priced seats are now gone.

A group of Iowa State students started camping out for the game Thursday. They considered starting Wednesday night, but thought it was just too cold.

It’s not exactly balmy Thursday night, but the Iowa State students wanted to show school spirit.

They say they're having fun, and they've learned how to handle the cold – with a lot of space heaters.

Cuddling, spooning, whatever it takes…if you don't have a ticket, you'll need ESPNU.