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FREEZING TEMPS: Tote Full Of Puppies Found By Road

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Seven puppies are now up for adoption after a stranger found them on the side of the road in freezing temperatures.

The Humane Society of North Iowa says a young man brought eight-week old boxers to their shelter last week.


The good Samaritan found them on a curb with a sign that read “free puppies” in Mason City.

“With the bitter cold weather we’ve had recently, it would not have taken long for these pups to suffer serious hypothermia or be frozen to death,” the shelter director,┬áSybil Soukup said. “There are better alternatives than to leave a litter of helpless puppies stuffed in a storage tote on the curb.”

Officials say even though they were outside in single digit temperatures, they are all in good health and ready to adopt.


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  • MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca

    A week ago I would have been in a total rage by this story. It is still BAD, and there must have been a better way… Yet when you learn that a 65 year old disabled woman looses 100% of her social security benefits, (money, medical and medicine) because of an error on her part due to her lack of comprehension and her own health issues, it isn’t hard to understand how people reach a point of making poor choices where any life form is concerned. Who knows where these pups came from? Who knows what caused the person to take such drastic measures. Until I know the person left these babies to die of cold without a thought about it, I am not going to get angry. When our own government will deny a sick old woman the only means she has to exist, what can be expected of people … was this another person who was cut off at the knees and had no means to even feed themselves let alone these innocent little pups? I have since learned that elderly people in Europe are committing suicide because they no longer have means of survival I wonder how far behind, or even if we are behind in the numbers of suicide by those who no longer have means to survive. It is no longer suicide but DECIDE… decide to end ones life rather than suffer.

    I hope WHO will DIG to the bottom of this story and find out what caused someone to make the choice that was made ….

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