HOUSE FIRE: Hickman Shut As Crews Battle Flames

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Des Moines firefighters were on the scene of another house fire after a busy few days of fighting fires.

Brian Kemp was driving down Hickman Road when he saw smoke coming out of a house, “It was totally engulfed. Flamers were rolling out of there.”

Kemp called 911. Firefighters arrived at 2623 Hickman around 10:30 a.m. and battled the flames for a couple of hours.

The fire affected traffic along Hickman Road, which was closed in both directions between 26th and 30th streets.

Kemp says he was concerned someone was inside when he got there, “I was really afraid someone was in the house. The door was locked so hopefully there was no one in there.”

Fortunately, Brian O’Keefe with the Des Moines fire department says nobody was inside the home. Although crews are still trying to locate the homeowner’s pets.

The fire department says this is the 16th fire they’ve responded to since Sunday, including a fatal fire on Wednesday.

The causes of the fires vary widely from an unattended child playing with matches to unattended cooking. At least four have had to do with the cold weather and people trying to stay warm.