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AIRPORT THEFT: Woman Takes Traveler’s Ring

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Des Moines police are hoping the public can help them find a suspect who took off with a traveler's ring.

Stephanie Yurash of Los Angeles was in the Des Moines International Airport on Monday. She took off her .7 carat marquise-cut diamond ring and put it on the table. As Yurash gathered up her items to leave, she forgot the ring.

The airport has released surveillance images showing a woman in the same area noticed Yurash leave and took the ring then exited out the door. She is believed to have driven off in a silver mini-van.

Police are now looking for the suspect. If you know who she is, contact Polk County Crime Stopper sat 223-1400.


  • Justice

    If something is left in a public place and somebody else finds it and keeps it, is it stolen? Just askin’. However, the video does make the woman look bad that picked up the ring. She should have caught up with the woman and gave her the ring.

  • Kbc

    Funny, when my son in law left his wallet on a dart bus with $500 from his pay check he just cashed, the Des Moines police said it wasn’t stolen because he left it on the bus…. Wouldn’t even take a police report…. But this lady leaves her ring behind and a huge uproar…. And all this…. I’m sure he even needed his whole two pay check for his family of four more than this ring is needed but I guess the lady is more important… Sickening

  • Cj

    How dumb – why would you take off a diamond ring in a public place and lay it down ? How do you call this stolen? What a waste of our tax dollars and police time for someone ‘s ignorance . Did anyone check to see if they were working together — sounds like a scam to me !

    • MrsMark

      I agree. How stupid!!! I NEVER take off my ring in a public place. And if I did and when I got back it was gone…my fault; my problem.
      Even though the lady that took it SHOULD HAVE turned it in. I agree she stole it because she took something she knew didn’t belong to her, but they’re making it sound like she ripped it right off the lady’s finger. And technically what she did is not a crime.

      • Larry

        That is theft. Taking something that doesn’t belong to you. She knew it was wrong as she was looking to make sure the woman didn’t come back. She is everything that is wrong with society today.

      • ST

        Um.. correction, taking somthing that you know doesn’t belong to you, and you know who it does belong to is a crime. This lady clearly knew the ring belonged to the woman walking away. She even watched to make sure she didn’t see her taking it. As far as the law is concerned, she is just as guilty as if she had stollen it out of the other womans purse while she wasn’t looking.

        Haven’t you ever heard of the stories of people convicted of steeling cash that was accidentally left behind or dropped by guards from an armored truck making bank transfers? They were charged with theft because the cash bags always identify the bank the cash belongs to. Taking it equals theft because you would know who owns it.

  • Mike Cee

    If an item isn’t yours and you take it, then it’s theft. The lady who stole the ring should have turned it into lost and found. Instead, she chose to pocket the ring and walk off, making her a common thief.

    It speaks volumes about a person’s character when they think this isn’t theft. Newsworthy? That’s questionable. But it is theft, plain and simple.

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