CENTSABLE HEALTH: Healthier Holiday Treats, Cheese Balls

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Whitney Packebush from Fareway showed how to make one holiday treat a little healthier.

When making a cheese ball as an appetizer for those holiday parties, use reduced or low-fat cheese instead.  With all the seasonings and extras you throw into the recipe for flavor, you won't notice the difference in cheeses.

If you are worried about one communal cheese ball, instead make small, individualized cheese balls.  They're personalized and let you try different types of cheese balls.  You can use paprika and even sesame seeds to give your cheese balls some zing but almond slivers on top always make a tasty addition.

If you love cheese but want to stay healthy, you can put the cheese in mushroom caps instead.  The mushroom cheese caps can bake in the oven for a tasty addition.