INSIDERS EXTRA: Olson’s Divorce and Huckabee’s Presidential Run

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Rumors started flying after Cedar Rapids State Representative Tyler Olson, a candidate for governor, announced his divorce. Des Moines attorney and Democratic activist Jerry Crawford said Olson deserved a chance to take a step back and deal with his family issues before deciding whether to continue his campaign.  He said Olson intended to take time to think about what decision would be best for him and for his family.

But Republican Doug Gross, the 2002 nominee for governor, said there is no way Olson will be able to stay in the race now that he is getting a divorce.  Gross said that this is no reflection on Olson's character, rather that he will not have the mental or physical energy to deal with both at the same.

Both Gross and Crawford agreed that 2008 Iowa Caucus winner Mike Huckabee is campaigning for the 2016 presidential race and that his influence should not be ignored.