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LAKE PONDEROSA: Man Fell Through The Ice

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Poweshiek County rescue crews will continue their search this morning for man who fell through the ice on Lake Ponderosa Saturday evening.

Dive teams began searching the water just after 7 o’ clock yesterday night near the Northeast side of the Lake.

50 feet from shore, what some thought was a frozen Lake Ponderosa gave way.

“Normally it`s a really safe lake. We know where it’s not safe and where it is,” says lake resident, Dave Vaggert. “You can’t be careful enough.”

Two men riding on a four – wheeler were headed back to shore after ice fishing when the ice, only two inches thick, cracked.

One man made it out. Rescue crews are still looking for the other.

“We can’t see anything. We can’t get down far enough to try and find anything,” says J.R. Shearer.

Shearer works for the Montezuma Fire and Ambulance Department. He says the ice is six inches thick in some places, in others it’s much thinner.

After hours of searching and multiple failed rescue attempts, a dive team will continue the search.

Shearer says, “we`ll stay here until the victim is brought up and we`ll do everything we can...whatever happens happens."

He says the efforts to find the man won’t be easy. Every break through the ice is a setback.

“The ice is refreezing because it’s so cold so we keep having to break through the ice to even see anything.”

Rescue crews called off the search after midnight Sunday morning for safety reasons. The Poweshiek county sheriff’s office says the search resume later in the day Sunday.