MORNING ASSAULT: Des Moines Police Investigate

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Des Moines Police said they believe an early morning knife assault was gang related.

Police said a 15-year-old told them two older men approached him near the intersection of SW 9th Street and Bell Avenue early Saturday morning.  The teen says that was the spot where he received cuts on his hands and face.

The police report said the suspects are in a gang called C Block.  Communication between the opposing gangs earlier this week on social media may have led to Saturday morning’s incident, according to police.

The teen said he was targeted by his assailants because he has family members in a rival gang.

“The Heavy Hitters and the C Block are probably the most active we have right now,” said Sergeant Jason Halifax of the Des Moines Police.

“They probably have been the most active probably for the past couple of years and they’ve been our biggest problem as well, out of all the gangs we’ve got here right now,” Halifax said.

The two suspects from the alleged assault were referred to juvenile court services.