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The amount of time it takes Gabe Durham to frost a cookie is about as long as the commercial he watched that inspired him to do this.

“He was so sad. I mean he said Mom this isn’t right," said Gabe's mother, Barb Durham.

After watching a commercial about animals in need, Gabe knew he had to do something. He decided to sell cookies and collect donations for the Animal Rescue League. So far he’s raised more than $250.

Just seeing her son have this much empathy and compassion is something his mother calls a huge achievement. When Gabe was three-years-old, his autism was so bad he would let anyone hug him.

“It’s hard not to be a mom and not kiss your kid. And be able to just love on them because you want to. And that was heartbreaking for me," Durham said.

But then a Labrador named Jasper came into his life. Jasper’s unconditional love opened Gabe’s heart to his family. Now Gabe shares his heart with any animal in need and a smile with any person who buys his cookies which he says 'tastes like heaven'.

A 30-second commercial got Gabe to do all of this. But the difference he’s making is what he’ll remember most.

If you would like to help Gabe out, you can contact his mother via email at