LIAR LIAR: Political Lie Of The Year Chosen

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President Obama earned the dubious honor of receiving the ‘Lie of the Year’ from PolitiFact, the truth-telling organization that checks the accuracy of leaders’ statements.

Obama told the American people numerous times during the campaign that they could keep their health care insurance after his health care plan became law. Thousands of people have found out that isn’t the case.

“How are people going to trust you governing other matters?” Iowa Republican activist Doug Gross asked Sunday on Channel 13’s “The Insiders.

“The problem is he said that hundreds of times during the campaign. It became probably the most quoted line during the course of the campaign. And it clearly wasn’t true. and unfortunately, they knew it wasn’t true at the time,” Gross said.

Democratic activist Jerry Crawford conceded the misstatement could give the president a credibility problem. But he doubts that will happen.

“Unless it becomes a permanent stain on the president’s credibility,” Crawford said.

“Once you’ve lost credibility with the American people, then it’s a serious challenge. I don’t think this rises to that level,” he said.

Other finalists for the PolitiFact ‘Lie of the Year’ award included statements by politicians Michele Bachmann, Ted Cruz and Ann Coulter.

A recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows Americans are more dissatisfied than ever with Obama’s performance. The poll showed 54 percent disapprove of the job he is doing.

Watch the debate over the president’s credibility concerns here.


  • Opinionated Vogon

    The BIG LIE can only be maintained while reality can be hidden from the people. Once the truth manifests, the lie collapses and what was once a truth vouchsafed by fact checkers becomes lie of the year.

    I made a parody video back when the lie was first exposed.

    Hitler’s health insurance is cancelled

    Please check it out.



  • steve wilson

    harkin……hilary…braley…they all said it…….if you want to keep your health ins plan, you can…….if you want to keep your doc, you can…… they all lied…….lied….lied……..and these free lunch people will still vote for em again……..

  • Justice

    People will continue to vote for free stuff. They don’t realize that now there are fewer people paying for their free stuff than are receiving it. They will always line up to vote for the candidate the promises the most free stuff. Just wait until the rest of us get in line. Then who will be paying for it???

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