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The 2016 presidential election is far away but Iowans have already chosen an early favorite among Republicans.

The Des Moines Register released its Iowa Poll on Saturday night of prominent Republicans.

Iowa’s highest opinion of Republicans went to Wisconsin Sen. Paul Ryan, who polled the most favorably at 73 percent.  Coming in second was 2008 Iowa Caucus winner Mike Huckabee with 66 percent favorability.  Third ranked was 2012 Iowa Caucus winner Rick Santorum with 58 percent favorability.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry came in fourth place with 55 percent favorability.  Pulling up the tail end was New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie at 51 percent.  Contenders Jeb Bush, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz all fell below the 50 percent favorability mark.

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  • steve wilson

    the GOP said ‘if you like your health ins plan, you can keep it’…… if you like your doctor you can keep him/her. PERIOD….yepper, the dems said it was the GOP who said that…..PERIOD….

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