AGRIBUSINESS: Grassley Frustrated Over Farm Bill Extension

The House passed a short-term extension of the 2008 Farm Bill on Thursday but the bill now faces serious scrutiny in the Senate.

Much of the Senate leadership is opposed to Farm Bill extensions and Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley isn’t happy with the bill either.  Grassley said a standalone dairy bill better addresses the issue of skyrocketing milk prices, which are a possibility should Jan. 1, 2014 arrive without a new Farm Bill.

Grassley said he is frustrated that extensions are still an option for lawmakers.

“A year ago now we would have had this same discussion,” Grassley said in a teleconference Wednesday.

“I was pretty sure a bill would pass.  It ended up in a one-year extension,” he said.

“That’s not the best way to do things as far as farm programs are concerned,” Grassley said.

“Farmers need the long view. They usually farm not just the next year, but over the next several years.  They make plans.  And not having a Farm Bill makes that more difficult for the farmers, so I am frustrated,” Grassley said.

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  • bart

    Cry me a river Grassley.
    You (and others) should be in jail for consumer fraud via the corn-ethanol sham.
    All along Grassley knew it was a sham and not feasible as I clearly remember Grassley stating “this will make farmers very wealthy.”
    Wait a sec. Grassley is a farmer…go figure.

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