CAR BREAK-INS: Holiday Shopping A Gift For Thieves

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This is the time of year when police see an increase in car break-ins.

Thieves will troll mall parking lots, looking for gifts stored inside cars.  And when they find them taking the gifts is as easy as smashing a window.

"It’s very, very easy for someone to smash your window and grab something out of your car.  Literally seconds, literally seconds of time for them to bust that window out," Des Moines police Sgt. Jason Halifax says.

We spotted several bags in Kathy Kubovich's car while she was shopping.

"I think I’ll be putting my things in the trunk,” Kubovich says. “I do think about it.  I was just in there for a minute and I thought it would be fine."

Police say the trunk isn’t the safest place for storing gifts.

"A lot of cars these days have push button releases that operate when the car shuts off.  Not only that but vehicles now more and more frequently we see back seats that fold down and allow access to the trunk," Sgt. Halifax says.

Police advise keeping your shopping hidden. But, they say you're better off making several trips than leaving gifts in your car.

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    What a shame we live in this society that some people feel entitled to what others have. Most of us work hard and the rest of you expect everything handed to you and if it’s not, you will take it anyway.

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