FUHS BAKERY: ‘Enter At Your Own Risk’

It’s not what you would normally want outside your business. But a small bakery in Webster City isn’t fighting a mandatory “enter at your own risk,” sign.

Fuhs Pastry Shop was initially told by the city that it needed to spend more than $25,000 to repair its crumbling outside wall.

It was originally part of an adjoining building and determined by an engineering report to be in danger of collapse.

The owners, Tom and Shirley Fuhs, say the expense would force them to close.

Caught between concern for public safety and concern for the future of a small, family business, the council decided that warning signs might be a good compromise.

“I think from what we have attempted to do, we are indeed providing public notice that there is a hazard and as best as we can, yes, we’re working to limit any kind of public liability,” Councilman Doug Getter explained.

City leaders say that while the warning signs will limit the city’s liability, they will continue to ask the Fuhs’s to protect the people inside the building by fixing the wall.


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