RING THEFT: Suspect Turns Herself In To Police

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A Des Moines woman is in the Polk County Jail on a charge of theft after police say she took a diamond ring a traveler had set down at the Des Moines Airport last week.

Police released video of the theft last Friday, hoping someone would be able to identify the woman who took Stephanie Yurash’s ring. Yurash, of Los Angeles, was in the Des Moines International Airport last Monday when she took off her .7 carat marquise-cut diamond ring and put it on the table. As Yurash gathered up her items to leave, she forgot the ring.

Officials say 51-year-old Tina Cram watched Yurash leave and then took the ring. She contacted police Friday and made arrangements to turn herself in. She was booked into the Polk County Jail Monday morning on a charge of 2nd degree theft. She’s being held on a $5,000 bond.

Police say Cram told them she planned to keep the ring.


  • MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca

    This story by-line reads as if the woman who is charged with theft ripped the ring off the owners hand. Not fully understanding how it is a theft since the owner walked off and left it. I would have taken it to authorities, although I would have been very reluctant to have handed it over to anyone but the woman who owned it.. of course if I saw the woman leaving it behind I wouldn’t have had to dealt with authorities because I would have caught up to the woman who left it had I seen her leave it behind. I have found two watches over the years of my life. One was common but irreplaceable the other was very expensive… I didn’t know to whom either belonged. Guess which person Thanked me profusely for finding the watches, tracking down its’ owner and returning them. Yes, of course the one of less dollar value, but he was also an Iowan.

  • bart

    time for a good attorney:
    by all counts this ring was abandoned.
    ex: perhaps Stephanie Yurash didn’t want the ring anymore following a nasty breakup via a CA to IA LD relationship…how was Tina to outguess a possible achy breaky heart case???

    Lesson’s learned???
    Don’t pick up an abandon bic lighter or a ballpoint pen!

  • bart

    reasonable doubt:
    this woman walked away with everything but the ring, perhaps on purpose.
    emotional women abandon their own children, their spouse, their house, their parents, their boyfriend, their girlfriend therefore to abandon a ring should be no surprise.

  • John Dean Heidenreich

    Granted, the woman (Yurash) shouldn’t have taken the ring off in the first place, but if you find something like a ring or a pile of cash somewhere it isn’t finders keepers. If it doesn’t belong to you then it is stealing.

  • Jenni Wentworth Arnold

    If you watch the video, the lady hadn’t even completely left the camera view before the other woman gets up out of her chair to walk around and take the ring. She had every opportunity to follow the woman and give her the ring back. She chose not to. It’s ridiculous, and I really hope there are more people out there that would do the right thing insted more people being like this idiot.

    • MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca

      Jenni, I fully agree with you that the woman who picked up the ring should have pursued the woman who left it and returned it to her. The thing about this that bothers me is that the incident is being called “THEFT” Had there been no security cameras or witnesses, then it would not have been called theft. it would have been… “Gee too bad you walked off and left your property behind… Losers weepers/Finders keepers”. So the woman did the wrong thing to begin with, then she did the right thing… and now she is a thief… Doesn’t see m right to me somehow.

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