SNEAK PEEK: Social Club To Offer New Classes

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Crews are in the middle of transforming Des Moines' old firehouse into the city's new social club.

The grand opening of the Des Moines Social Club's new home won't be until April. But, classes will start there this winter. And, leaders say the group dedicated to promoting arts will offer something for everyone.

Program Manager Mickey Davis says, “This space is really kind of the embodiment of everything the social club has said it was going to be from day one."

Davis goes on to say, "We're really trying to make this a destination where you don't just go because you want to see one thing, you go to just hang out for a night and see what's happening."

The social club bought the city's old firehouse on Mulberry Street earlier this year for $600,000. Davis says, "Our goal and our mission statement is to use art as a catalyst for community engagement and community change."

Remodeling started in April. The club will host a bash in part of the building on New Year's Eve and ring in the New Year with a full schedule of activities. Davis says, "A lot of the classes will start rolling out in mid to late February. The whole thing is going to be up and running in April when the restaurant and bar open."

The $4 million project includes a restaurant, bar, art gallery and coffee shop on the main floor Upstairs will be offices for non-profits and a room for cooking classes. The upstairs also features three classrooms. Davis says, "We have a hula hooping class, we have a break dancing 101 class, which I'm pretty excited about. We have origami 101 class."

The club will feature about a dozen classes including an Evening Arts Childcare one or two times a month. Davis says, "You can bring your kids and there are certified instructors here that kind of give your kids a daycare experience along with one that's kind of arts based, so then you can spend the night, you can eat at the restaurant, you can go to the art gallery, you can catch a show at the theater."

The cost of the classes will vary depending on materials needed, but many will be about $50 for a twelve week session. General admission tickets for the New Year's Eve Bash are $20. Click here for more information.