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WIND ENERGY: Fort Madison Gets ‘Largest Ever’ Turbine Order

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An Iowa community is celebrating the power of wind energy with what it calls the largest onshore wind turbine order ever.

The official announcement came Monday afternoon in Fort Madison in southeastern Iowa, the home of a Siemens wind turbine plant.

Gov. Terry Branstad shared some of the details for the future of Siemens Energy Monday morning. The Fort Madison plant will make 448 turbines for MidAmerican Energy's $1.9 billion wind energy expansion.

“Wind is more than just an important resource for renewable energy in the state of Iowa. It also provides tremendous economic benefits to the state,” Branstad said.

“Be it the people working at the Siemens factory, or the farmers that are going to be getting the benefit of leasing property, or the homeowners that are going to be able to have this renewable energy source or companies like Facebook or others that will be utilizing it.”

Siemens says the turbine order means 1,000 construction jobs over the next two years and 40 permanent jobs at the plant.


  • bart

    doubt I have time for an essay but explain which to explain and what you do not understand…make it good.
    corn ethanol
    tax burden
    bitter end

    • mlw

      By tax burden, are you referring to the impact of the federal government’s production tax credit for wind energy?

      • bart

        that is set to expire soon unless an 11th hour agreement is reached.
        there are many ways gov will steal in the name of a few temp jobs and so called “green energy.”
        typically the only thing green about so called “green energy” is the green syphoned out of taxpayers pockets that will benefit the few, special interests and slimy politicians.
        Kool-Aid anyone?

  • Coffee Pot

    wind energy, best way to farm the govt. or the taxpayers. It’s alternative, not efficient. Three things that take the most out of the people….. Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and Global warming. Prove one of them though might be the tough part.

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