AGRIBUSINESS: New Antibiotic Guidance Rolls out Smoothly

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New guidance from the Food and Drug Administration establishes a 3-year timeline for phasing out the use of antibiotics important in human medicine as growth-promotion for livestock, and phasing in veterinary oversight.
FDA says the guidance could affect 25 to 27 companies; two have already stated they will adopt the guidelines and don't expect a large impact on sales.
National Cattlemen’s Beef Association spokesman Chase Adams says no major issues are expected on the producer side, given the fact that FDA's move was anticipated.
To put their guidance together the FDA worked with groups representing drug companies, the feed industry, livestock producers, veterinarians and consumer groups, which means little rumblings in the ag industry.
The American Veterinary Medical Association applauded the FDA’s Final Guidance 213, but still says claims that use of antibiotics in animals harms human health are misguided.