BEATING TRIAL: Tyler Found Guilty Of Murder

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The jury has come to a verdict in the first trial in the deadly beating of a Des Moines man.

After three-hours of deliberations Tuesday, 18-year-old Kent Tyler III was found guilty of second degree murder.

Witensses testified that Tyler threw the first punch at 40-year-old Richard Daughenbaugh in a parking lot near the Wells Fargo Arena on August 25.

Police say others took part in the attack that killed Daughenbaugh.

Leprese Williams, James Shorter, and Yarvon Russell are all accused of murder and are being tried separately.

Tyler faces up to 50 years in prison. A date to determine the sentence has yet to be announced.


  • Jake Moretti

    Well i guess there is a little bit of justice in this state after all” Good job on the jurys part, Now lets hope this coward gets a stiff prison sentence that he deserves………

    • Troy Hendrickson

      In case you missed the facts of the case, the victim was drunk and high on meth, said severely intoxicated person then put his hands on the defendant, who then threw a single punch in self defense, and did not participate in the ensuing attack that actually killed the victim. While the fact that he’s black is probably enough to convict him in Iowa, the facts do not support the conviction and I’ll bet it ends up overturned.

  • Brian

    When large numbers of people of one race are constantly getting caught participating in mob beatings/killings of another race, at what point does the government start calling those actions hate crimes?

  • Troy Hendrickson

    When a white man with a violent history, drunk and high on meth put’s his hands on someone, regardless of color, when will the state recognize you have a legal right to defend yourself?

  • Kevin

    I was actually in the panel of jurors for this case and obviously not selected. I’ve been following this case with a close eye. The state actually pursued this case as 1st degree murder as it was announced to the panel. Long story longer, I’m glad that 1st degree murder was not the final charge, but still disagree with the jury’s verdict. Assault, at best.

  • Donny Daughenbaugh

    All these animals involved in this crime should face a lot more than 50 years. After making a horrible decision that cost a good man his life, they should have no opportunity for parole. They did this to a man with a family just for fun and should never be shown compassion for time served or good behavior. Richard will never have that chance.

  • Bob

    I’m sure Mr. Tyler was a fine, upstanding, contributing member of society and will be missed by many while he rots in prison…. said no one ever. One more thug off the streets.

  • Steven

    Maybe they should release the defendants into the custody of the friends and family of Richard and they can take care of these little punks.

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