BIG MOVE: New Location For Historic Ames School

Posted on: 9:33 am, December 17, 2013, by


A school in Ames was built so long ago — it was almost forgotten.

This week Ames’ first ever one room school, called the Hoggatt School after one of the first families to use it, is being moved.

The school is being relocated on the grounds of Meeker Elementary. The Ames school district passed a $55 million bond issue to build three new elementary schools. Part of the plan is to spend $72,000 to move the one-room school to make room for a new building.

Built back in the 1860′s, the first Ames school was almost torn down.

“It was discovered in the mid 80′s by Farwell Brown, kind of inside another house that was about to be demolished and at that time then they donated it to the Historical Society and it was actually moved up here to the Meeker Grounds in the 80s,” says Sharon Wirth, a volunteer with the Ames Historical Society.

The school is being moved onto a new foundation Tuesday.

For more information on the school click here.