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LAKE RECOVERY: Ice Fisherman’s Body Found

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The body of the Grundy Center man who fell through ice on Saturday has been found Montezuma Volunteer Fire chief Chris Widmer said

David Hartke’s body was located at 6:05 p.m. Tuesday inside the UTV he was riding.

The 57-year-old was ice fishing with a friend Saturday evening when the UTV he was on broke through the ice on Lake Ponderosa. The friend on a separate UTV was able to get help.

The patch of ice where Hartke’s UTV fell in was just two inches thick.

The search was hampered by that thin ice Sunday. But rescue efforts continued Monday and Tuesday as six divers rotated in 15-minute stints.

Divers were also hampered by visibility of just four feet.

“The search wouldn’t have ended successfully without the help of the divers who volunteered their time,” Widmer said.



  • Frank

    Wait? They initially started search with dive teams finding the sunken SUV, but it was on its roof, 4 days later they find man still in svu? Did they not search under the svu?

  • Debbie Tietnan

    The red oak dive team worked relentlessly to recover this victim. A private dive team from Wisconsin (Bruces Legacy) arrived this evening and injunction with the team already on scene strategized a new search plan. They started inside the U.T.V. and then would use a powerful sonar brought by the Wisconsin team. They found Dave inside the U.T.V. . There are a lot of factors as to why he was not seen earlier. All of the teams did their best and were instrumental in the recovery.

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