NO THREAT: ‘Pipe Bomb’ Was Pipe Coupling

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Officials now say an apparent pipe bomb found outside of an Urbandale bank Tuesday morning was really just pipe coupling.

Authorities were called just before 10:00 a.m. Tuesday about a pipe bomb taped to a light post outside of the West Bank at 3255 99th Street. The bank and surrounding businesses were evacuated.

"You have to err on the side of caution," says Urbandale Police Sgt. Gary Lang.

"It's kind of the excitement of the day.  Not the good kind of excitement," says Teresa Leistner who works at Food Marketing Services.

She and her co-workers were about 100 yards away from the bank and didn't have to evacuate, but police told them to stay away from the windows.

"We were just kind of concerned, I was anyway," says Leistner when she saw the bomb squad show up at the scene.

The State Fire Marshal Bomb Squad used a special robot to examine the potential threat.  The robot retrieved the object and the team took it away in a secure container for further investigation.  Once it was gone, police sent out the all clear.

"Very scary for people that shouldn't have to deal with this kind of thing," said Lang.

Lang says it doesn’t appear the item was placed there with malicious intent but police are still investigating.

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