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2016 CONTENDER: Gov. Schweitzer Woos Iowa

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Hillary Clinton isn’t the only Democrat considering a run for president in 2016.

Wednesday evening former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer visited Altoona to test the waters.

Schweitzer was the featured speaker at Progress Iowa’s holiday party.

The 58-year-old served two terms as Montana’s governor and as chair of the Democratic Governors Association.

Schweitzer focused a lot of his speech on the war in Iraq.

“The reason I’m in Iowa, in part, because I’m asking you to pick the leader that’s going to say we’re not going to make those mistakes,” Schweitzer said. “We’re not going to allow the military industrial complex to run our country anymore.”

It wasn’t all speeches.  Governor Schweitzer also did a little fundraising for Progress Iowa by auctioning off the tie and belt buckle he was wearing.

The tie ended up selling for $125-dollars.  The winning bidder was state Senator and Democratic candidate for Iowa governor Jack Hatch.

You can hear more from Governor Schweitzer when he joins Channel 13’s Dave Price on The Insiders Sunday at 9:30 a.m.