BODY FOUND: Ice Fisherman’s Family Thanks Divers

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Crews have found the body of a man whose UTV fell through ice this weekend at a lake near Montezuma.

KWWL reports family members of David Hartke say they’re relieved as they try and find some closure.

“When we got the news late saturday night, it was tough, you know, I think everybody was really in shock,” says Hartke’s brother-in-law Todd Stumberg.

Fifty-seven-year-old David Hartke, of Grundy Center, fell through the ice Saturday evening on Lake Ponderosa and the search continued ever since. He was driving a UTV at the time. It didn’t take long for crews to find the vehicle resting upside down in the water.

Tuesday evening the divers were out of the water waiting for a sonar unit from Wisconsin, but as it was being set up, they decided to take one last look under the ice. Divers rolled the vehicle over and found Hartke.

“We know each other, we take care of each other, and so we don’t want the family to spend Christmas and all winter not knowing where this family member is,” says David Arendt, Montezuma Fire & Ambulance. “They’re all volunteers doing this, and it’s just amazing what Iowans will do to take care of each other.”

Hartke’s family says they’re thankful to everyone that has supported them, to the people that opened their homes, and the crews that searched the frigid water for days.