HONEY CREEK: Deficit For State-Owned Resort

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An audit of the state-owned Honey Creek Resort finds it’s still operating at a deficit.

The resort in southeast Iowa on Lake Rathbun brought in operating revenues of just over $6 million for the 2013 fiscal year, which ended June 30th. That includes revenue from lodging, the restaurant, and the golf course.

Expenses were under $6 million meaning the resort brought in over $235,000 in positive income.

However, despite a $1.5 million boost from the state the resort is still reporting a deficit. That’s because it’s still paying off a shortfall from last year.


  • bart

    this shortfall will continue.
    the only way out without taxing to the hilt is to tax legal mj.
    the only way to legalize mj is to remove Terry Braindead from office, he prefers belligerent road-rage drunks via vehic homicide.
    “it’s a family tradition”

  • Coffee Pot

    Wait,,,, Wait for it…… ok it’s ok to have an idiot governor, Democrat no less, to want a resort in dowtown nowhere Iowa, and build the thing that won’t pay it’s own bills,,,,, but it’s Branstad’s fault because he doesn’t want a pot head on every corner legally? But I guess it makes as much sense as taxing you to pay you back for money they took illegally from you too. That’s the problem, everybody must be smoking to much weed.

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