FOG OVERNIGHT: Rain, Drizzle, Snow Next

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We hit 50 today in Des Moines. The melting allowed for much more moisture over central Iowa. Tonight we will see some of that extra humidity as fog.

Lows will be in the lower 30s. There will be some areas of re-freeze.

Tomorrow will be cloudy. Our high temperatures will only be in the lower to middle 30s, and that will happen early in the day. By evening, we will see freezing rain and a chance for a quick change-over to snow. Slick roads can be expected for the even drive-time.

Friday will be much colder and windy. Highs will only be in the 20s.

The weekend will be the focus of attention because of the large storm that will move through the middle sections of the country. It will give us a chance for snow by late Saturday night through Sunday afternoon. The track of this storm is critical to the amount of snow we will see in central Iowa. As of Wednesday evening, the storm was staying just a bit farther south. If that holds true it will mean heavy snow in southeastern Iowa but lesser amounts in Des Moines.

The temperatures are are going to be cold. Highs in the 20s for the weekend and only in the teens to around 20 on Monday. Christmas is looking warmer and dry but our chances for a white Christmas are improving.