WINTER WARM-UP: Enjoying The ‘Heat Wave’

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Iowans were out and about enjoying this so-called "heat wave" Wednesday.

It's the first time in weeks that many Iowas have been able to step outside without several layers on.

“Its perfect, perfect, perfect.”

Doug Oelky says today’s weather was heavenly, “This will be the mecca land!”

Oelky spent his morning at the Brenton Skating Plaza in downtown where the cold normally doesn’t faze the average skater but today’s 50 degree weather came as a nice surprise.

“Oh I thought I better! It was going to be one of the nicer days.”

For skaters, the warm up is cool. For the ice rink, it’s not so hot.

Brenton skating plaza employee, Alex Cornwell, says, “We stay pretty busy on days like this. It just can’t get too warm or otherwise we see the ice deteriorate.”

Meanwhile melting ice is a plus for the city's road crews.

“The temperature from the sun is now warming the pavement enough that perhaps the rain when it hits the pavement it just melts,” says Chuck Burrell with the City of Des Moines.

Warm pavement means less pretreating of city streets for the predicted bad weather ahead.

Burrell says, “Were hoping that Mother Nature shines down upon us so we don`t have any problems.”

Until the cold and snow strikes again, why not embrace the warmth.

“We gotta take advantage of it before it gets down to like zero again,” says Mary Thomsen.

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