AGRIBUSINESS: Farm Bill For 2014

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You may have heard headlines about milk prices doubling without a new farm bill on the books January first.  Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley isn't worried about it. While Grassley isn't a member of the House-Senate farm bill conference committee, he says he's been in touch with Senate Ag Chair Debbie Stabenow.

Grassley said if it passes one of the first two weeks he doesn’t think there will be a problem and technically we're under the old law of 1949 since October 1st.

The House extension passed last week would avoid uncertainty by extending almost all of the 2008 farm bill into January 2014. But Grassley, who as a Senator is not alone in his thinking, doesn't think it's necessary. It appears at this point that Secretary Vilsack will move as slowly as the law allows in any sort of implementation of permanent law, with assurances from farm bill leadership that January's meetings will produce a final conference report, which is the last next step toward a full five-year bill.

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  • bart

    Agricultural riders in the farm bill:
    More poof Iowa et al wants to overrule the EPA’s rulings re the giant corn-ethanol sham.
    These parasites would prefer to further damage the environment and force food into fuel by feeding the greedy and starving the needy.
    Follow the money….sickening.

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