ERIN OFF CAMERA: Now what?!?

Childhood friends... Feeling frugal... Towering tree

Merry Christmas, everyone!

It’s hard to believe the big day is less than a week away.  I hope you’ve been enjoying the season and that it’s shaping up to be everything you hoped it would be this year.

I know I’ve quoted my Grandma Susan numerous times here, and I may have used this one before (forgive me) but it’s been on my mind since my last post.  “Expectation lessens gratitude.”  On the surface that seems rather harsh – but it’s true.  It’s why I’ve really enjoyed having no expectations for this season.  I’ve just been enjoying it.

That brings me to a dilemma.  In my last post I declared that I wouldn’t be giving or accepting any gifts.  Then Monday I received an email…


It’s from the postal service, informing me that my mother has sent a package.  You know what that means.

And then today, one of my YMCA participants gave me a set of these…

wine bling

… cleverly decorated wine glasses!  If you want to buy some, here’s Lindsay’s card:

biz card

I expressed my dismay to my class.  “What should I do?!?!” I asked in between yelling at them to crank out five more reps, “I said I wasn’t accepting any gifts this year!”

A very kind, very wise woman told me to accept the gifts and appreciate the genuine spirit in which they’re given.

Your thoughts?….


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