JUVENILE HOME: Workers Meet With Lawmakers

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In less than a month, 93 employees of the Iowa Juvenile Home in Toledo will be out of work.

Thursday evening they gathered to fight for their jobs.

The Branstad administration announced earlier this month that it was closing the facility after reports of teenage residents being mistreated.

All 21 kids at the home will be transferred to other facilities, some of them possibly out of state.

Employees, as well as community members and former residents, met with lawmakers to discuss their options for fighting the closure and keeping their jobs.

State Senator Steve Sodders says the shutdown will have a multi-million dollar negative impact on the community.

He says there are two options right now to save the juvenile home.

“It’s devastating for a small town in Iowa and we’re trying to stop it,” Sen. Sodders said. “Hopefully the governor will reverse his decision, which right now it doesn’t look like he’s going to, or the legislature needs to step in January and re-open the facility if we can.”

The layoffs are scheduled to take effect January 16th.

Sodders is asking Toledo and Tama county residents to write the governor and make their voices heard.


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  • Todd Sprague

    Thank you four covering our meeting this evening. Our focus was on the past and present youth we serve and how this closure will effect them. We as staff have learned viable coping skills over the years and know how to deal with tough situations, tonight was about helping to serve our current population and the devastating impact it will have upon them. I helped organize this meeting and would be glad to speak with you about this in more detail. Thank you, Todd Sprague

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