OFFICER BEATING: DoJ Appealing Sentence

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Mersed Dautovic. (WHO-HD)

The Department of Justice is appealing the sentence of former Des Moines police officer Merced Dautovic.

He was sentenced to 20 months in prison for beating Octavius Bonds during a traffic stop in Des Moines in 2008.

The Department of Justice says the sentence doesn’t fit the crime.

“Des Moines police officers brutally beat an innocent man with steel batons, splitting open his head and leaving him with a battered body and broken bones,” US Attorney Nick Klinefeldt said. “After the jury convicted the defendant he faced an advisory sentence 135 months to 168 months in prison.  The district court varied downward by 85 percent and imposed a sentence of just 20 months.”

Unless the sentence is reconsidered and increased, Dautovic will be released from prison next month.


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