‘RACY’ CALENDARS: Mall Kiosk Sparks Frustration

How early is too early to talk to your child about explicit images? A mother was forced to have the conversation with her 6–year–old daughter after visiting the North Grand Mall in Ames.

“She came over and said mommy that lady isn`t wearing a bra which of course shocked me.”

Jessica Hibbing says a holiday calendar kiosk with images of partially clothed women was hard to avoid as she and her daughter were shopping.

“I turned and saw what kind of, in my opinion, pornographic calendars right on the ground at her eye level,” says Hibbing.

She says the explicit calendars were at a child’s eye-level and were placed next to children’s calendars.

Hibbing says what happened at the mall later lead to a discussion with her daughter at home.

“I just said that some people take pictures that we feel are inappropriate and put them on calendars and I just kind of left it at that.”

fb threadShe posted her frustration on social media and dozens of friends commented on the post. Some called the calendars sad and sick and several suggested a mall petition to have the “inappropriate” calendars better hidden.

However the mall says, “All tenants at North Grand Mall are required to follow the terms of their agreements and all local regulations.”

Hibbing says she doesn’t expect the kiosk to be taken down but would like to see the calendars arranged out of the view of children.

“I just think it’s my responsibility as a mom to constantly be on the look out to protect them.”

Hibbing says she will continue to shop at the mall but say she’ll be more aware of what’s around her.


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