‘RACY’ CALENDARS: Mall Kiosk Sparks Frustration

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How early is too early to talk to your child about explicit images? A mother was forced to have the conversation with her 6–year–old daughter after visiting the North Grand Mall in Ames.

“She came over and said mommy that lady isn`t wearing a bra which of course shocked me.”

Jessica Hibbing says a holiday calendar kiosk with images of partially clothed women was hard to avoid as she and her daughter were shopping.

“I turned and saw what kind of, in my opinion, pornographic calendars right on the ground at her eye level,” says Hibbing.

She says the explicit calendars were at a child's eye-level and were placed next to children's calendars.

Hibbing says what happened at the mall later lead to a discussion with her daughter at home.

“I just said that some people take pictures that we feel are inappropriate and put them on calendars and I just kind of left it at that.”

fb threadShe posted her frustration on social media and dozens of friends commented on the post. Some called the calendars sad and sick and several suggested a mall petition to have the “inappropriate” calendars better hidden.

However the mall says, “All tenants at North Grand Mall are required to follow the terms of their agreements and all local regulations.”

Hibbing says she doesn’t expect the kiosk to be taken down but would like to see the calendars arranged out of the view of children.

“I just think it’s my responsibility as a mom to constantly be on the look out to protect them.”

Hibbing says she will continue to shop at the mall but say she'll be more aware of what’s around her.


  • Jon Bailey

    Is this really newsworthy? Do we need some puritanical sexually repressed housewife censoring what everybody else in the mall didn’t find offensive? I used to think this was the land of the free – not anymore

    • Ames Housewife

      Really?! This is newsworthy for the mere fact that a mother is protecting wanting to protect her child. Who is to say what deems protection. We as parents have rights to stand up for what we believe in an over sexualized world. Our young daughters need to be protected from the idea of what the world says is beautiful. What’s wrong with these images being covered up specially from the eyes of a child? Are you upset because you’d like to get a free look? Honestly these irrate comments are so ridiculous. WE ARE TALKING AOUT PROTECTING THE EYES OF A CHILD! I hope you take more caution in introducing your children to these images.

  • cccr97yx

    Must you be so negative toward this young mother? She is trying to look out for her child’s and other children’s best interests. Being judgmental is just wrong, look for someone your own size to pick on!

  • Steph

    I agree with Jon, This mother is ridiculous!! I can’t count how many women I see walking the malls and stores that do not wear a bra. I can’t count how many times I am at the beach and see women in bikini tops. I am a 40 year old mother of 2 and have NEVER seen pornographic material in a store (other than an adult bookstore) that don’t have the big BLACK swish across the private parts or on Penthouse and Playboys – I have yet to see the plastic sleeves without the big black cover!! Get a life lady.

  • Jon Bailey

    This is not a “new story”. It’s a ridiculous fluff piece. Not everyone should have their opinion spouted on a tv broadcast. That’s what facebook is for and I suggest you check channel 13’s facebook to see what the general consensus is on this matter. freakin goofy a** twit

  • Andrew

    Way to go channel 13. Lets give this Stonebrook church goer some attention to push her righteous agenda. This NONstory is ridiculous and does nothing but hurt the owners and employees of the calender kiosk and push this women’s puritanical agenda

  • Ishmale Whale

    I am pretty sure the six year old girl was also not wearing a bra. What was seen is not legally pornography. If it was, it would be required to have a cover. I take it they don’t have a TV or have ever been to a public beach or swimming area where women wear two piece swimming suits. It sounds like mom has issues with women who look better than her, and was not supervising where her child was going. Mommy has a child meaning mommy her self was engaged in some sexually related activity herself. There are still people out there than believe in the head to toe swim outfits from the 30’s and 40’s. Should women be forced to wear a burka?

  • Amt

    Are you serious???? The comments on her Facebook post are ridiculous! Hello people!!!!! Take a trip to Jordan Creek, or how about the Mall of America these kiosk calendars are everywhere. I wouldn’t want my children to see that kind of stuff either, but really let’s just make a big fit about it. Just absolutely ridiculous!

  • Conscientious Father

    When did it become “ridiculous” to request that mall calendars be better arranged to avoid exposing young children to explicit images? This is a reasonable request from a sensible mother who doesn’t want her daughter to be desensitized at a young age. In my opinion, the biggest reason why there aren’t more sensible parents who bother to comment on this is just because surfing around commenting on News posts is more typically the domain of the trolls. Doesn’t change what’s best for our kids though. She’s a good mom.

  • Rob Moritz

    While I agree that this does not seem to be an issue that would generate TV news coverage, airing the feelings of the mother was their decision not hers. She has every right to share her displeasure with a situation that negatively affected her child. This is America, people, where folks have freedom to voice their views just as you have done. Let’s respect that right. Also unlike some of you, she stuck with focusing on the issue and not attacking with cheap and hurtful personal insults as some of you have done.

  • Bill

    While I respect this mother’s concern, making it a news story turns it into a bunch of self-righteous drivel. Perhaps her best move would have been to share her concern with the proprietor or the mall management rather than the TV station.

    As an aside, I think the proprietor will sell more if he puts these calendars at adult eye-level.

  • SRB

    Reading through these posts saddens me greatly. So many of your comments are filled with hateful assumptions. Not that you will really care, but channel 13 actually pursued this mother, NOT the other way around. You could have expressed your displeasure with the chosen story without attacking the person being interviewed. This mother is not asking for the calendars to be banned, or removed and she is not even stating that she will stop shopping at the mall. She is simply requesting for different display placement. She is basically saying that she knows this probably won’t happen and that she is making a intentional decision to be more aware of her surroundings. Attacking her and her character and her personal views are simply a poor reflection on you.

    • Bill

      “channel 13 actually pursued this mother, NOT the other way around”

      Yes, I’m sure they forced her to do the interview.

  • Ginny Jackson

    I am sure the calendars sold out after the news story so it probably was a win win situation. Bad marketing placement, put the calendars to the height of the potential buyers. Calling the mall office and voicing her dispute and asking if the calendars to be placed higher would have been a better solution.

  • Ames resident

    I tried to contact the mall via email and phone myself about this issue. They didn’t reply.
    Jessica was pretty brave to respond to Channel 13’s request to be interviewed. I imagine she knew it would open her up to criticism from people who do not mind the slippery slope our society has fallen down.
    I am pleased there are people in Iowa who still care about modesty and decency.

  • Steve Riker

    It is a truly sad day for America when parents cannot request that sexual materials be placed somewhere other than eye-level to a toddler. It is an even sadder day when such a sensible request is met with such sneering, condescending remarks. How dare she try to protect her child?

    She was not asking for censorship or forcing a “righteous agenda” on anyone. The backlash of commentary ridiculing her simple request for a sensible display policy is astonishing.

    It has been said that common sense is so rare it ought to be considered a superpower. While many of these posts seem to bear this out, it appears that one young mother has it in spades.

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