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ROBBERY SPATE: Police Investigate Four In 30 Hours

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Des Moines police are investigating four robberies that happened in the past 30 hours – all believed to be unrelated.

Sergeant Jason Halifax can’t remember the last time he’s seen this many robberies in such a short period of time.

“You know it’s really hard to pinpoint down you know why we specifically see them, because three of these are actually businesses so it isn’t as though we’ve had more businesses sprout up in the last couple of weeks that would draw up this kind of attention,” Sgt. Halifax said.

He says the most common increase in crime around this time of the year is fraud and other property related crimes. He says these types of crime are often motivated by opportunity.

“There’s more folks out and about. That by itself is a possibility to just,  for lack of a better term, more of a target rich environment for someone to do something wrong.”