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SHOPPING SPREE: Cancer Fighter Gets Wish

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For most of his young life, Justin Chey has been caring for others.

The 13-year-old spent years taking care of his elderly immigrant parents while his mother worked as a school janitor. Then he came down with aggressive brain cancer.

Thursday, it was all about him.

The Make A Wish Foundation granted Justin a wish, a $2,500 shopping spree at Bass Pro.

"He wanted a couple fishing poles, a fishing bow and tackle box full of lures to go fishing with his stepdad and his friend," says Shelli Bridgeman with the Make A Wish Foundation. "And it was a pretty easy one to get done. He's a great kid."

After spending two months in the hospital, Justin's mother says he was really looking forward to this. He couldn't sleep last night he was so excited.

"He tried to go to bed early and everything last night thinking that he got a big day today so I'm happy right now that he's happy," Kelly Chey says.

A couple of hours of shopping and Justin's smile wouldn't fade. Getting advice from professional fisherman...well, that was the best. "They're fun," Justin says. "They give me advice on how to tie and how to put the lure on and catch the big striper."

"Any kid that gets a wish deserves it," Bridgeman said. "I mean they've been through something horrible. And Justin is a great kid."

The Chey Family is still struggling financially with his mother forced to take time off to care for Justin. If you would like to help out, an account has been set up in Justin's name at Echo Community Credit Union.