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HOLIDAY HELP: Santa Gives Toys To Families In Need

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Christmas is just days away but Santa made an early stop.

Mr. and Mrs. Claus and their helpers were at the Highland Park American Legion on Sunday to hand out toys to military and needy children.

“I mean this is awesome, we don’t make a lot of money and our Christmas is going to have to wait until after Christmas.  This is going to be great that the kids will have something to open up on Christmas morning,” said Lynn Lynch of Des Moines.

The American Legion started taking donations in July to prepare for this Christmas.  They’ve been helping metro families in need for the past four years.

This is a record year; the Legion has helped 113 children this season.

“The whole thing is, I wake up Christmas morning and this year I know there are 113 happy kids out there because of what we did,” said Mrs. Claus of the Highland Park American Legion Riders.

Each child received $150 worth of toys.


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  • Jody J Ratcliff

    I Sure Wish I would Have Known about this !! We don’t even have a tree and talk about feeling SO DOWN AND DEPRESSED AND NO PRIDE WHATS-SO-EVER!! Never Ever been down this low. I lost my Mother last May. The Estate took Everything I OWNED as she didn’t have nothing. I worked 23 years to loose everything I had, I had to sell to pay for my Mothers Funeral, debts and all. Even Lost my Vehicle. Had to sell that. My son? Myself? So down .. So Depressed !! NO ONE Ever Tells you about any kind of programs and I’ve Never had to deal with this so I don’t know where to go or Who I should have turned too. I’ve Never Felt So Much Pain In My Life .. that I can’t give my son a Christmas, No tree, .. Nothing. I Do Know? Christmas is about Jesus. What Society has taught us? Trees, lots of lights, Festivities .. Not at this apartment and I am in total despair !!!

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