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LINN’S SUPERMARKET: Store Caters To Last Minute Shoppers

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People made their grocery list and forgot to check it twice. However, one local corner grocery store benefited from that.

“I’ve been here for 10 years and I’ve worked almost every Christmas. I love it.”

Christine and Fred McClain work in the checkout lane at Linn’s Supermarket.

Dozens of shoppers filled the aisle at Linn’s Supermarket today. Linn’s is the only grocery store open in the metro on Christmas.

Fred Lange traveled from Ankeny to Des Moines in a panic, “I didn’t check the list of the ingredients.”

Jayci Staggs says she seems to make a trip to Linn’s every year at this time.

“It happens every year to me and obviously a lot of other people their just swamped.”

Owner, Merlyn Linn says there's a story behind why the store never sleeps; the tradition started back in the 70’s.

“My wife does the same thing; on Christmas Day she'll say oh we need something. Back then we weren’t open and I had to run into the store to get something.”

Linn says he pays his staff extra for working on Christmas but most employees want to work on the holiday.

The most purchased items from the store included cool whip, pie crust and tin pans for the turkey.

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