AGRIBUSINESS: Washington Pushes Deals to January

Posted on: 6:06 am, December 26, 2013, by

As it stands the federal government operates under a continuing resolution, and that CR ends on January 15th.
Last week, Congress reached a budget deal, but now House and Senate Appropriations committees have to work through the details.
The farm bill is still pending, though recently farm bill conferees Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Representative Tim Walz of Minnesota stated their expectations that a final farm bill will be finished next month.
Meanwhile, Montana Senator and Senate Finance Chair Max Baucus has been nominated by President Obama as U.S. Ambassador to China.
With his House counterpart, Ways and Means chair Dave Camp, calling for a trade-promotion authority bill, questions remain of whether or not Baucus could put such a bill through the Senate before he departs as Ambassador to China.

A TPA bill would give the executive branch the ability to negotiate trade deals on which Congress could vote up or down, but not amend.