MORE DETAILS: Officer Involved Shooting

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Cedar Falls officials have released more details on the officer involved shooting Christmas morning.

Officials say Officer Bob Anderson approached a car that was still running. The officer says he saw the driver asleep inside and marijuana on the passenger’s seat.

Anderson asked the driver, 27-year-old Zach Church, to come back to his squad car. But authorities say that’s when Church attacked Anderson hitting him in the head.

Anderson says he felt a tug at his belt where is gun holster was and took action.

“He was giving commands to stop, even gave command ‘stop or I’m going to have to shoot you.’ And eventually the officer did shoot him,” police chief Jeff Olson told KWWL.

Police say Anderson shot Church once but Church continued his assault and he fired his gun again.

Church is facing charges for drugs and felony assault on an officer. He is still in the hospital in stable condition.

Officer Anderson has been placed on administrative leave.


  • John

    “You are in possession of a plant. Because of that, I’m going to shoot and try to kill you with no repercussions.” Police protect corporate agendas, not people. Impeach The Government.

  • Jay

    John Carla is correct. Im sick of people second guessing officers trying to survive. This idiot only needed to come back to his car and get his little ticket. Pay his $100 fine and go home and smoke more dope. He is lucky to be alive. The officer should have shot multiple times to get him to stop.

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