SLOW START: Post-Christmas Sales Lag

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With all the packages and presents now unwrapped, many people headed to the malls Thursday for some post-Christmas shopping.

Drawn in by returns and deals, the day after Christmas is usually a busy one at local malls. But this year, some shoppers and workers said otherwise.

The sounds of Santa have faded at Valley West Mall and the North Pole Express isn't making as many runs, but the shoppers weren't at the mall the day after Christmas looking for Saint Nick.

Twyla Flickinger came to the mall looking for bargains to help her spend a Christmas gift card. But she was surprised by what she found.

“I expected a lot more people and a lot more sales. I'm not really seeing the sales,” Flickinger said. “Not like the day after Thanksgiving where you got tons and tons of people and tons of sales going on. Here I didn't see that yet."

And she wasn't the only one surprised by the after Christmas crowds.

“Usually we have lines around our kiosk and we're ringing away and I have people bagging.  Today is a little slower," Tricia Svejda said. “It's not as busy as it has been in previous years."

Svejda works at Hickory Farms and says part of the lull for her store is a change in the discount shoppers will get, but she also thinks when Christmas fell has a lot to do with the smaller crowds.

"I think a lot of people are working.  I think with Christmas in the middle of the week I think it's because people had to go back to work,” Svejda said.

Mall management said they were surprised the mall wasn't busier Thursday, but they say overall this year's Christmas sales will likely be consistent with last years.