DJANGO RECOMMENDS: Wine And Cheese Pairings

Michael Crownover from Django, a Des Moines restaurant, showed some tasty ways to pair wine and cheese with your holiday guests.

One combination is a goat cheese with a classic chardonnay. Crownover recommended the Capricho de cabra Spanish goat milk's cheese with a Pedroncelli Napa Valley chardonnay.  The two together help add a crisp flavor and enhance the cheese.

Another combination is a bleu cheese with a Syrah or Shiraz wine.  Crownover recommended the Gorgonzola Dolce cheese with a Cotes du Rhone wine, adding a fruity quality to the creamy cheese.

A classic and local combination is a white cheddar to a zinfandel.  Mountain Creamery makes a great white cheddar that goes great with any zinfandel wine.

For information, visit the Django website here.


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