BABYSITTER CHARGED: Baby Alive After Falling Out Of Car

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A babysitter was charged with child endangerment after a one-year-old fell out of her car on Sunday afternoon.

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office said the baby was found sitting along Highway 141 near Perry and was taken to the emergency room at the Dallas County Hospital just before 4 p.m.

The babysitter, 31-year-old Catalina Ortiz-Ortega, was at the hospital and said when she turned onto I Court from the highway she heard the rear door open and close but did not realize the baby had fallen out.

Authorities have not said how badly the child was hurt but the baby was treated for unknown injuries at the Dallas County Hospital and at Blank Children’s Hospital.  The child was released back into the mother’s care.

Ortiz-Ortega was charged with a Class C Felony for child endangerment and failing to have a valid driver’s license.  The case is still under investigation.