DEMOCRAT’S DISS: Calls Governor “Mean Spirited”

Posted on: 6:50 pm, December 29, 2013, by


Former State Representative Bob Krause has been exploring a Democratic run for governor for nearly all of 2013 and can’t say when he will enter the race. But Krause, a Des Moines defense contractor, had something to say about longtime Republican Governor Terry Branstad. Krause said, “Recently, especially, and throughout his regime, he has been quite mean-spirited to the poor and lower-middle class.”

Krause said Branstad vetoed raising the earned income tax credit during the legislative session. He praised the governor for his work during the 1993 floods but said Branstad has run out of ideas.

Watch Krause’s opinions of Governor Branstad during Channel 13′s “The Insiders.”



  • Mike says:

    When Krause calls the Governor “mean spirited” then proceeds to describe the Governor’s administration a “regime” it shows the inherent hypocrisy of the Democratic parties propaganda!

  • It’s definitely time for a change here & everybody knows it!!

  • Scoobie says:

    Yes more positive roles models like Branstad … people that wont take a state that has a surplus and turn it into a deficit. Fiscal responsibility rather than flagrant spending…Not just here but in Washington as well.

  • steve wilson says:

    yepper, the DEMS…… the ones who brought you ‘IF YOU LIKE YOUR HELP INSURANCE PLAN, YOU CAN KEEP IT’, PERIOD……

  • William Denison says:

    Terry the Teabagger has made Iowa one of the worse states to live in the union. Vote this little troll out!

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