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THE INSIDERS: Bob Krause And Jonathan Narcisse

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Governor Terry Branstad has served more terms than any other Iowa governor.  If he is reelected to the top spot again, he'll be the longest-serving governor in the United States.

Former State Rep. Bob Krause, a Des Moines Democrat, is still exploring the possibility of running for governor and couldn't say when he would officially announce his candidacy. Although, on a previous appearance on "The Insiders" last May, Krause already said he was running. Krause said he is in favor of raising the gas tax because it has not been raised since the 1980's.

Former Des Moines school board member Jonathan Narcisse is exploring a possible run for governor as well.  Having run as an Independent candidate for governor in 2010, Narcisse said this time he intends to run as a Democrat.  Narcisse said he is against raising the gas tax because he believes many Iowans cannot afford such a large price spike at the gas pump.

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